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 Nothing But Problems! >poll<

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PostSubject: Nothing But Problems! >poll<   Sat May 24, 2008 3:27 pm

warning: if you think this is boring to read "dont skip it" just stop.


the man who has no problems is out of the game.
Elbert Hubbard

On CHristmas Eve 1993, Norman Vincent Peale, the author of all-time bestseller, the power of positive thinking, died at age 95, he was at home sorounded by love, peace and tender care. Norman Vincent Peale deserve nothing less. His positive thinking ministry had brought peace and renewed confidence to generations of people who realized from his sermons, speeches radio host and books that we are responsible for the condition we're in. Since he felt God did not make junk, Norman reminded us that we two choices every morning when we wake up: we can choose to feel good about ourselves or choice to feel lousy. I can still hear Norman clearly shouting out, "why would you choose the latter?"
I met Norman in July 1986, Larry Hughes, who was the president of my publishing complany, Whilliam marrow and Co., had suggested we think about writing a book together on ethics, We decided to do that, and the next two years working with Norman on the power of ethical management was one of the greatest delights i have ever had in my life.
Ever since that meeting, Norman had a great impact on my life. He always contended that positive thinkers get positive results because they are not afraid of problems. In fact, rather than thinking of aproblem as something that is negative and ought to be removed a quikly as possible, Norman felt problems were a sign of life, To illustrate that point, here is one of the favorite stories, one i have use friquently in my representations;

one day i was walking down the street, when i saw my friend George approaching, it was evedent from his downtrooden look that he wasnt everflowing with the ecstasy and exuberanceof human existance, wich is high class way of saying George was dragging buttom.

naturally i ask him, "how are you george?" While that was meant to be a routine inquiry, George look me very seriously and for 15 muinites he enlightened me on howbad he felt, and the more he talked the worst i felt.

finnaly i said to him, "well george, im sorry to see you in depressed state,how did you get this way?" that realy set him off.

"Its my problems" he said."problems nothing but problems, im feed up with problems. if you could get rid of all my problems, i would contribute $5,000 to your favorite charity."

Well no, i am never one to turn a deaf to such an offer, and so i meditated, ruminated and cogutated on the proposition and came up with an answer that i thought was preety good.

I said, "i went to a place were thousands of people reside, as far as i could determine, not one of them has any problems, would you like to go there?"

"when can we leave? that sounds like my kind of place," answered george.

"if thats the case george," i said, "ill be happy to take you tommorow to ~Woodlawn Cemetery~ because the only people i know who dont have any problemsare dead,"

I realy love that story. it realy puts life in the perspective, i heard Norman says many times, "if you have no problems at all-i war you- your in grave jeopardy- your on the way out and you dont know it! if you dont believe you have any problems, i suggest that you immedietly race from wherever you are, jump into your car and drive home as fast but as safely as possible, run into your house, and go straight to your bedroom and slam the door. Then get on your knees and pray, "whats the matter, Lord? dont you trust me anymore? GIVE ME SOME PROBLEMS."


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PostSubject: Re: Nothing But Problems! >poll<   Sat May 24, 2008 4:03 pm

for me..

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Nothing But Problems! >poll<
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