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 attention debaters!

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PostSubject: attention debaters!   Fri May 09, 2008 5:18 pm

notice: this room was not made for any rude argements that might cause unwanted events, we advice everyone to watch your behavior and no degrading and rude words will be honored. we must always keep in mind that this is open debate and everyone has there own point of view, this room create not only two side's but most often there's more. so everyone must show respect with everyones opinion, be open minded and relate with every topic to be discuss before any comply with in the subjects.

furthermore: this room has its own rules and regulation and so as penalty for every member who will not follow the rules and will not respect everyone, a notice form will be recieved before we aply the penalty.

thank you and enjoy debating,
from organizers

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attention debaters!
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