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 Can I have both: A graphics card and a video card in my PC?

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PostSubject: Can I have both: A graphics card and a video card in my PC?   Sun Jun 15, 2008 8:23 pm

iam a gamer and want to start using my C education to make a game. I
already know video cards are for programming/visual stuff. And graphics
cards are for gaming. And you cant play a game on a video card w/out

MY question IS:

Can I have them both installed? Or will there be a conflict? The
graphics card will be a high end PCI and the video card will be high
end PCI-E.

Vista SP1 x86 32bit OS
Dual core Conrad e2160 (1.8ghx,1.8ghz)
4.00GB RAM
320Gig HDD
Intel 3.1 Graphics accelerator 128mb(its onboard, and decent for now)
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Can I have both: A graphics card and a video card in my PC?
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